29 February 2008

WorldCat Identities

When searching my email for a message by "Deborah" Ultan Boudewyns, I came across a message from Deborah Johnson at University of Minnesota Duluth Library. She was noting that she'd visited WorldCat Identities and found it rather nicely evolved. I had also been somewhat underwhelmed when I first visited Identities. Maybe I've evolved too. It looks really good now.

WorldCat Identities = http://orlabs.oclc.org/identities/

Today, I searched on Elizabeth I, as Deborah did, and then Palladio. It's true that typos in OCLC lead to multiple entries on these folks. But the bulk of the hits are on the authorized heading and faceting from the clustered data is quite interesting. I meandered off from Palladio to Teatro Olimpico to find that its classification number was in PN. Now it is a theater and all but we architecture fans think of it as NA material.

That reminds me. I saw Palladio's children by N.J. Habraken at a bookstore recently. It is not really a book about Palladio and his influence but it looks interesting anyway.

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