25 April 2006

henriette avram dies

Just read a notice that Henriette Avram died .... must have been the announcement from LC that they will no longer try to control series headings. We, of course, do it mostly for ourselves and other librarians, but it's been useful for that audience. It's probably not the end of the world or anything like that but it has been a trying time.

20 April 2006

round-topped buildings

Lynda Bunting sent me a note about establishing the Mercato del pesce di Napoli (M.D.P.N.), on which she had a book of Thomas Ruff photos. It's a building so it has to be SAF, not NAF .... I guess. That also means that I need to find another source for the heading. I was having trouble but then saw a picture of the Ruff book. The M.D.P.N. is a rationalist building, 1929, designed by Luigi Cosenza, with a round top. I'm such a sucker for that profile. It probably goes back to falling in love with Ledoux in college but you can add Palladio's Basilica, Loos's Horner and Steiner houses, and even a house by Alexander Brodsky that I was looking at in Metropolis last night.

09 April 2006

note to self

I started this blog because I had to register in order to respond to Tee's blog. It's been almost a month and I wondered if "shermaniac" would show up if I googled it. Damn. There's a SherManiac out there who is keen on things like Sherman Tanks and warmongering. That's not me!!

This stuff is all too interconnected. My brother put up some family pictures on his Facebook site so I had to sign on for that too. The profile there asked for a favorite quote so I picked:

He was not cut out to be a soldier, he thought, but neither were most of the young men of his class and acquaintance who went to fight. It was not wisdom which kept him away, he believed, but something closer to cowardice, and as he walked the cobbled streets of his new town, he almost thanked God for it. (Henry, the narrator, in The master, a novel based on the life of Henry James, by Colm Toibin)

condoleezza rice and music

The "arts and leisure" section of today's New York Times has a profile of Condoleezza Rice and her musical interests and piano playing. She is passionate about Brahms and others. She plays with a string quartet made up of others who have careers other than music. How can a person so moved by music be part of a warmongering administration?

There was an article in the front section about lymphatic filariasis which is caused by a worm that secretes stuff and your legs can fill up with water. If you're a man, it might cause your testicles to grow (the article said to the size of a basketball in the worst cases). One picture of a man with a swollen leg was horrifying. Don't turn the page though; it's an advert for some pretty dress or cosmetics or something. The contrast is terrible and typical.