24 May 2006

art diets

It's been most of a month since the last entry. Last Saturday, I was feeling very starved for galleries after spending weekends at ARLIS/NA conference, preparing for CCO preconference at ALA, and similar stuff. Though I had to run off to Ridgewood (Queens) for a party, I ran up to Chelsea for an hour and a half of galleries and got a good snack. The Joe Fig show at PlusUltra on West 27th was interesting. The show a few doors down at Derek Eller was pretty compelling. Also had a good, long chat with Margaret Murray at Murray Guy. They have an installation of Francis Cape photos of New Orleans with wainscoating. Melancholy and lovely.

Since I've been reading "The fig eater" by Jody Shields, the serendipity of Joe Fig was amusing but doesn't really go anywhere.

Last night, I took the LIRR out to Hicksville to join my sister and her family at the Jericho Jewish Center where she received the "Woman of Achievement" from her temple sisterhood. Very glad I went. Interesting to be there so soon after receiving the Distinguished Service Award from ARLIS/NA. Very different ceremonies, settings.