31 March 2006

public/private and oregon

Wednesday night was a panel on "terrorist naturalism" at Location One. Lots of critical newspeak but good things to think about ... particularly about "public" and "private" space. The main speakers were Katya Degot and David Riff, both based in Moscow, she all Russian, he grew up in America. Growing up in America, I think of sidewalks and squares as public space but they aren't always even if they are public land. Even Central Park in NYC is managed by a conservancy of "friends" of the park, mainly the richer people who live around the park. If the park were smaller, the control might be palpable. With that many acres and trees and rocks and whatnot, it's hard to apply the sort of control that a plaza like Rockefeller Center can, or even a park like Washington Square.

http://location1.org/index_qt.php (it's maddeningly overloaded, or fabulously interactive)

This morning's research on Louis Bunce, artist from Oregon. He has two records in the LC authority file and a mural in the Grants Pass postoffice. Tee's home is near Grants Pass and she is back home, leaving the hospital in pink boa and jacket.

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shermaniac said...

a lot of the terrorist naturalism was over my head or beyond my attentionspan, lots of critspeak, and especially david riff (grew up in america and been in moscow for some years). lovely images, some of them.

the most compelling thing that reverberates in my mind is the public/private dichotomy. a "public" square is a private space if its use is government-controlled. is central park a public or private space if the conservancy has some control over behavior?

also, there was a short video shown about a demonstration about social conditions and plight. it was rather bleak but ended more or less along the lines of "the last shall be first" which sounded to me rather than jesus. i didn't tell them that's what it sounded like but i did tell my office neighbor who was also there.

the cover picture of issue 11 of chto delat is from the demonstration -- http://chtodelat.org/