25 September 2006

art and circuses

As I said to Julie:
I got to Senior & Shopmaker on Saturday to see the Mary Miss show. They are good pieces: large multi-image photo panoramas. ... I had been fighting going to West Chelsea because it just isn't all that much fun anymore but I learned my lesson. I had a couple-three stops on the list and stopped at several others. As often happens, some of the random stops beat out the ones on the list. The Joseph Kosuth installation at Sean Kelly is good. When I was at Elga Wimmer talking to the artist [Daniel Blaufuks] who happened to be hanging out there, Ken Soehner walks in and it turns out that he and his wife know the artist pretty well (actually, Nathalie knows him well and Ken knows him because Nathalie does). The Chris Verene show at Alona Kagan was pretty interesting; his photos are very evocative.

That was Saturday. On Sunday, I had Circus Amok on the calendar, along with working on the newsletter. Circus Amok was a good deal of fun, in spite or perhaps enhanced by the rain that caused a longer intermission than anyone really really wanted. One of the guys looked familiar and I think it's because he was all painted up in the report about the Art Parade on the Radical Faeries list. Festive. Mac was running errands and happened upon me and the circus. Maybe I'll run away which reminds me of that Woody Allen film in which the guy runs away from the circus.

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