05 November 2006

melancholia continues and disappears

Yesterday I added an entry here with the subject line "melancholia continues" which included some text from Strauss's "Four last songs" which I had heard sung at Carnegie Hall by Karita Mattila the night before. The words:

O broad, contented peace!
So deep in the sunset glow,
How exhausted we are with our wanderings --
can this then be death?

(copied from http://jsundram.freeshell.org/ProgramNotes/Strauss_Leider.html)

When I copied/pasted the words yesterday, there was some "bad" character that caused the posting to not take on the first saving. I then retyped the text and it seemed to take. I happened to look today and it wasn't included so I republished the blog and, alas, the whole entry disappeared. Sigh. The miracles of the e-environment.

Ever onward ..... whatever, exactly.

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