11 June 2007

ode to nina and rick

* synthetic mastery, or, potorg gigi - post-cannibalism
* Sable Island - roll cloud, only occurs in two places, "morning glory"
* parthenogenesis and the Blessed Virgin Mary
* "my ego was bruised by a semiotician"
* whistling languages
* the pillow won't come dry
* Pierre Fauchard
* LaMonte Young - recording ocean waves in the Hamptons
* bird mimickry - British Library website
* Murmurs of earth - songs set to words by Jimmy Carter - probes to outer space
* amphibrach - emphasis on the middle syllable

= on the occasion of a performance by Nina Katchadourian and Rick Moody at Proteus Gowanus, they sang, he talked, they sang, she talked, they sang, he or she talked, challenging each other with a word or a phrase. Maybe you had to be there.

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