28 September 2008

it's a new day

Sunday again, perhaps my favorite day. Usually I start with the Times and pancakes at Silver Spurs but today I'm joining Diana Mitrano for dim sum brunch in Chinatown and don't want to ruin my appetite.

This has been a pretty momentous week. I signed the retirement agreement with the provost earlier in the week. My last day in the office will be at the end of this calendar year and then the active movement toward the next phase of my life can begin. I'll be moving to the family house in Alfred but not full-time until later in the spring or early summer. I went to the Peter Lieberson retrospective concert last night at Miller Theatre at Columbia last night and thoughts of concert opportunities kept interrupting my brain waves. The old "is there life outside New York City?" syndrome. But then this morning, while chatting with my brother Doug on gmail, we mused on Alfred's events. This semester, Lenka Clayton is a visiting artist and Doug has been doing some interesting interacting with her project to document the Steinheim collection. The Steinheim is a quirky stone building that was built as a museum, the oldest in western New York (or some such claim to fame). Lenka is keeping an Alfred diary at alfreddiary.blogspot.com. The entry for the 26th of September entitled "the first lost artefact" is actually my brother's hand on MY front porch! Some of Lenka's documenting reminds me of Nina Katchadourian and Doug says that Lenka knows about Nina's work.


nbm said...

It's really happening! A few of us Watsonians were talking about you only a couple of days ago, and I think we couldn't quite grasp this as a reality. A good new day to you, Sherman.

lipcan3 said...

Sherman, that's fantastic, congratulations!! By "end of this year" do you mean 2008 or the academic year?

Sherman Clarke said...

My last day at Bobst will be in December 2008. We are on holiday between Christmas and New Year's and "last day" depends on whether I get my stuff sorted before Christmas or get to finish up during the holiday week.