25 December 2008

watching the gorillas open their presents

It has been a bright and not too chilly Christmas Day here in New York City. After going to see "Wendy and Lucy" at Film Forum, I walked over along the river for a while and then stopped at the grocery store for a few provisions. As I rode the elevator up to the 6th floor, the other passenger and I exchanged a few words about the beauty of the day. She'd been up early to go to the zoo to watch the gorillas open their presents. I love that picture.

And the New York Times had a great quotation of the day:
It doesn't crumb, and I don't like fragments of our Lord scattering all over the floor.
cf. Bread of Life, Baked in Rhode Island

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nigel fowler said...

I see no problem with fragments of our lord being scattered all over the floor, or anywhere else for that matter. No doubt the gorillas at least would have been pleased.