22 January 2009

New Vista High School, aka Baseline Junior High School

How could I have failed to mention that I also walked past Baseline Junior High School on my "reliving my youth" expedition yesterday? Perhaps it's that I have passed the school a number of times since it is on path from Elaine's to the CU campus or elsewhere. I was amazed to see the shape of the gymnasium but can't find a picture to add. Yes, I do hope to get a digital camera so that I can add to the glut of pictures in this e-world.

The school building was probably built in the early-mid 1950s. The gym roof is a wide and shallow round vault. Perhaps my love of roundtops and vaults is not based at all on my Palladiophilia but rather on my junior high school experience. I don't really think so but it was very amusing to see the shape from my youth that is now rather a theme in my architectural ramblings.

Baseline is now the New Vista High School. I didn't try to get into the building to see if the interiors resonated. I can picture the classrooms and particularly remember when we were told by the languages teacher that we should take Spanish in 9th grade because it wasn't a dead language like Latin. Spanish is the language of the future, she said. I did take Spanish in 9th grade, as advised, and didn't get Latin until a catch-up accelerated term in grad school. We moved, however, from Boulder after my 9th grade and North Loup-Scotia Schools (in central Nebraska) only had a German teacher so I switched. But that teacher was very enthusiastic and we even read Romulus der Grosse by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. My name is Hilary James and i went to Baseline Junior High in the 70's. Best day's of my life! Remember skiing down to school from the flat irons. What an amazing place!