04 February 2009

Vasari's form not used

Can I tell you how disappointed I am that the heading for Benozzo Gozzoli is not "Gozzoli, Benozzo" but "Benozzo, di Lese"? And it's all because the surname didn't appear in conjunction with the forename until Vasari. Or so says the LC/NACO authority record, based on the Encic. ital.

010 __ |a n 50059011
040 __ |a DLC |b eng |c DLC |d DLC |d OCoLC |d DLC |d OCoLC
100 0_ |a Benozzo, |c di Lese, |d 1420-1497
670 __ |a Encic. ital. |b (Benozzo di Lese (detto Benozzo Gozzoli); nowhere (neither in documents, epigraphs, nor signatures of the artist on paintings) does the surname Gozzoli appear with the forename Benozzo; it is used for the first time in the Vite of Vasari)
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The Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Firenze catalog uses "Benozzo Gozzoli" as the heading.


Ilaria said...

I agree with you Sherman. Regardless of whether "di Lese" is "correct" or not, Benozzo Gozzoli is known to the world as Benozzo Gozzoli and no one would know to look for di Lese. It's misleading. If I found di Lese I probably would think it's a different Benozzo. He is certainly not the only Benozzo in history, but he is the only Benozzo Gozzoli! Ah... catalog records!

Sherman Clarke said...

It's really an authority record, in this case, but anyone following LC/NAF will use "Benozzo, di Lese" in their bibliographic records. I was surprised that there wasn't a reference from a simple "Benozzo Gozzoli" but didn't add it ... yet.