07 September 2010

art for art's sake

There were a couple dozen students out on the lawn outside the campus center, all looking West-Northwest and mostly in a line. I looked over that direction and couldn't see anything. I asked the closest person what was up; is it that pole rising from the ground? There was a pole over on the hill that way that I didn't remember. She said that they were doing a mile-long line and looking at the other folks, over there, across the valley. I asked "Guinness book of world records?" She replied "art." Probably Freshman Foundation. Sheila Pepe was the visiting artist for the first week of classes and they knitted up a storm, the unknitting of which may find its way into scarves.

(this is not the Pepe project at Alfred which was in a more cramped space in Harder Hall; this is a photo from the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum site)

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