19 March 2012

labyrinths and mazes: amazing

In yesterday's cataloging, I was looking at subject headings for labyrinths and mazes, particularly gardens. The headings are:

Labyrinths [preferred heading]
Mazes [variant, UF]

Maze gardens [preferred heading]
Labyrinth gardens [variant, UF]

It was interesting to me that the overall term used labyrinth as its base while the garden heading used maze. And, then, in today's crossword puzzle in the New York Times, the clue for 10 across is labyrinth and the answer is, ta da, maze. I'm not sure I've thought of the terms as synonymous but I couldn't tell you what distinguishes one from the other without looking it up. And you may have read that the Encyclopedia Britannica is going totally electronic after the current print edition. It's hard to imagine my youth without volumes of the encyclopedia for drifting through.

The image is of the maze at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, from the Peak District Information page. I did get to Chatsworth once in the 1980s but read Deborah Mitford's memoir recently and would love to go visit again.

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bklynbiblio said...

Chatsworth is beautiful, although I don't recall going through the labyrinthine maze...not in this lifetime, at least.