17 July 2012

Charlotte Buell Coman

It was frustrating not to remember the woman artist I mentioned in the most recent blog entry so I wrote the Arnot Art Museum and got the answer from Laura Wetmore of collections. The information on the painting is:

CHARLOTTE BUELL COMAN (American,1833-1925)
Oil on canvas, 14 x 24 inches
Gift of Alexander D. Falck, Jr., 1969

I don't have a picture of it (and the Arnot doesn't have one on its website) but googling got a decent response of other paintings by Coman. The estimated price on one painting that was up for auction not too long ago was $1000-1500 so maybe I should just go get me one.

A nice side benefit of seeing the Coman was that the name reminded me of Charles Caryl Coleman who did wonderful American Renaissance decorative paintings. The Met has one with "Apple Blossoms" in a majolica jug captioned "Fiore." Is it the Italian that attracts?

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