27 April 2014

houses in art

It's Sunday afternoon at the Scholes Library of Ceramics. The issues of Kunstforum International are proving to be an interesting trove of information as well as NACO records, new and updated. Issues 182 and 184 focus on houses in art: as object, as subject, as inspiration, as shelter, as part of social practice.
This work entitled Soap City (II) by Werner Alt in 2001 caught my fancy. A medieval town made out of soap. The red in the illustration in Kunstforum is much more saturated and orange and the houses are more yellow, looking more cheese-like. Perhaps the red houses belong to the 1%. Watch that you don't slip into the drain during an evening walk, one of the delights of visiting a medieval town center. This image is from the kulturatlas-oberfranken website.

And there was also an article in issue 184 on provisional architecture by Jürgen Rapp that is subtitled "Kioske, Baracken und Container."

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