02 July 2014

left and right, peace and justice

When we were kids, my grandmother was married to a great man, her second husband after my birth grandfather had died the same year my dad was born. Ahva J.C. Bond was the dean of the Seventh-Day Baptist School of Theology at Alfred University. He had six daughters with his first wife and they and their families just seemed way too wonderful for words. My sisters, brother, and I always felt we were a little normal for such a fine clan. Though I've never met some of those step-cousins and haven't seen many of them in recent years, I still hold them collectively in high esteem and some are Facebook friends. The Facebook feed of one of them just indicated that he'd commented on a Conservative Tribune post that was captioned:

A powerful congressman just came out and said that ALL Americans need to unite against Obama, no matter what party. This needs to be spread everywhere, because he's absolutely right. It's about defending liberty from Obama. Period.

And another that was captioned:

BREAKING: This is fantastic... American citizens are rising up against Obama, turning back buses filled with the illegals he's deliberately shipping all over the country. Good. We the People will NOT be silent while Obama destroys our border and our sovereignty. We support these patriots 100%. Do you support citizens defending the border?

Me, I just don't get it. I'd open the borders. I have no problem with Executive Orders on matters that the Congress won't even talk about in a reasonable, legislative way. And this morning, I watched President Obama's video of his meeting with LGBT folks for Gay Pride Month. He was smart, personable. I still cannot quite believe that we have a smart president who is a man of color.

Perhaps the screed from the Conservative Tribune turns my stomach and makes me weep like the stuff from Impeach Bush Now or Hillary in 2016 does for folks who follow and agree with the Conservative Tribune material. I don't always agree with President Obama but I'm fundamentally proud of him as our president.

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