11 January 2017

colorful neighbors

These happen to be next to each other in my Flickr photostream:

Saint John's Living, for seniors
(Highland Park, Rochester, NY)

Società Concordia Partanna
(corner of Forest Ave. and Palmetto St., Ridgewood, Queens, NY)
(We stopped in Partanna, March 2013.)

Spencer Finch: A Certain Slant of Light
(installation at Morgan Library & Museum, New York City)

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Cynthia Sciacca said...

My husband's grandfathers were the President and Vice-President of the Societa Concordia Partanna back in the 1920/30s? We would like to post some of your current pictures to our Facebook page for the rest of the family to see. We would also like to contact current members/officers to see if there are any pictures of the grandfathers from back then. Any assistance that you can give us would be much appreciated. My email address is cynbassoon@gmail.com. Grandfathers' names are Joseph Piazza and Leonardo Sciacca.