21 July 2007

"Art of memory"

Just got back from "Art of memory" which was conceived and directed by Tanya Calamoneri, and presented as part of Ontological-Hysteric Incubator at St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery. Sherry had sent an email saying that I had to go to this play that was reviewed in The New York times on Wednesday. The caption on the article included the words "when librarians go bad" and the picture here is "borrowed" from the Times review. cf http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/18/arts/dance/18memo.html The caption should probably have been "when librarians go mad" (in both senses of the word). It was genuinely spooky and wonderful, referring to librarian characteristics, Borges, the Brontes, Butoh. There's a poetical droning sequence about "red books" but I started to hear "read books." The stage setting included stacks of books gone awry, the balcony for the crazy lady/chorus, a screen which turned into a curtained window and exit for the three sisters. Books, librarians, memory. You probably had to be there (but tonight was the last night, according to the program). As I was being swept away by the theater and thought, I wondered if Dad would have enjoyed it. When he visited me in NYC with enough time to do something, he'd pick theater from the possibilities but his tastes were probably more traditional.


sogono said...

hi sherman
i am a little slow at the technology thing. finally figured out i had to go to your blog to reply to your comment on mine. anyway, thanks for coming to the show, thanks for writing about us, and yes, we are planning a final edition of art of memory for december 2008. what's your email address? i'll keep you posted. also, i'm about to start a phd program in dance in philly so will be down there during the week and then back on weekends. if youmake it down for that exhibit, i'd be curious to go with you if schedules work out. would be nice to meet you too. or do we know each other through butoh already? i know a sherman through paige sorvillo, but not sure you are the same one. let me know!

shermaniac said...

My email address is on the front page of my blog, right column, under "email to sherman" or just sherman.clarke@gmail.com. I don't know a Paige Sorvillo but would appreciate knowing about future versions of "Art of memory."