31 July 2007

David Stillman Clarke

Here is a link to the obituary for my dad as released by Alfred University: http://www.alfred.edu/pressreleases/viewrelease.cfm?ID=4092 His death continues to reverberate. I was talking to Christie last night. Her mother died in mid-June. Our sorting processes for our folks are not the same. She had to clear out her mother's residence with her brother and his wife. My dad's stuff is mixed in at 33 South Main in Alfred, the family homestead built by my great-grandfather and his father in the 1870s. It's still got stuff from earlier generations though mainly my folks and my dad's mother. And of course there's my stuff: mostly books and files. No great rush to clear out the house but no house should be just left for too long. Still, sorting the accumulation of a life or multiple lives is not straightforward, especially with the memories wrapped around the tangible stuff.

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