08 April 2009

"Build Rome in a Day"

Yesterday's viewing of Elodie Pong's "The end of empire" was especially resonant because I'd volunteered for Liz Glynn's "Build Rome in a Day" project the day before at the New Museum. I had worked during the republican period between 10:30 pm and 2 am on Tuesday morning. It was a bit chaotic but fairly low scale and low tech. My Temple of Vesta was pretty unimpressive. When I went back to check on Tuesday mid-day, the scale of buildings had increased, the noise level was higher and building materials more substantial, the workers looked more professional ... it just seemed more, well, imperial. I didn't go back again late in the afternoon to see the fall of the empire but the difference between the republican and empire seemed "realistic" or, at least, plausible. I even passed one of the other republican era volunteers on the street as I walked to the Kitchen last night. She was on her way to see the end of the empire.


nigel fowler said...

I suspect that many of us would be concerned if your Temple of Vesta demonstrated authority, at least of the ideological variety.

Sherman Clarke said...

If you want to see my pictures, they're on Flickr with the tag "rebuildrome" or there is more about Liz Glynn's work if you search "liz glynn"