26 April 2009

finally plugged the darn thing in

Well, maybe there will be more pictures here in the future. I bought a digital camera earlier this year, partly because Ilaria Papini was doing a blog series about the evolution of new homes. For me, it's more devolution. The heaps in New York City are getting sorted but not quickly packed. One of these days, I might start my devolution series but first:

I'm staring into the Mercedes planter at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. The picture was taken by Sharon Chickanzeff when we were galleryhopping and whatnotting on the day before I flew the redeye special home after College Art Association in Los Angeles. That was way back in February but it took me a couple months to get up the courage to connect the camera to the computer. People kept saying that a new computer, especially a Macintosh, would be smart enough to identify the camera and help me with the upload. They were right.

1 comment:

Ilaria/Swimturtle said...

Why Sherman, how sweet to mention me and my blogs! I love this picture, and it's true that pictures enhance a blog a lot!
More than a planter, this looks like a Mercedes greenhouse!!!