29 April 2012

Packard Plant color scheme redux

At the old Packard Plant in Detroit. It looks like paint but it was "just" pigment, all dusty and ready to cling to your shoes. Megan, Matt and I clambered about in the Packard Plant when I was in Detroit last week. It was glorious fun. A couple people told us there was a scavenger hunt going on and we should look for pink balloons. Matt noticed one down in the subterranean tunnels and climbed down in to get the balloon and attached envelope. Inside the envelope were several UPS labels with images added and a one-dollar bill with a rubber stamp. Matt gave me the label with some old cars driving into the background.
It's end-of-year time for the art students at Alfred University and there have been a bunch of shows in various buildings in Alfred and Hornell and outside too. One of the Freshman Foundations student memory boxes reminded me of the Packard Plant spilled pigment. My time in Detroit for the Society of Architectural Historians conference was absolutely fantastic for a variety of reasons: staying at the Hostel Detroit with several others from SAH and several Brits, a German, and a Tatar; discovering that a pottery graduate from AU last year was renovating a rowhouse next door to the hostel; meandering the city, on foot and in my car; supper with Megan and Les and Matt and Michel in a Mies van der Rohe rowhouse; the conference; visiting Michigan's largest used bookstore, John K. King Used and Rare Books. I might get another blog entry done about Detroit and perhaps Cleveland where I spent a couple days on the way back to Alfred. Meanwhile, there are pictures on my Flickr photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/56294332@N00/

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