21 November 2014

crystalline plans

The Bergren Forum this week was on "Multiphase Ceramics for Nuclear Energy" with S.K. Sundaram, a researcher in the Inamori School of Engineering at Alfred University. I won't surprise you to know that I was struggling to keep up with the description of the research on ceramic and glass materials that are being studied as receptacles for nuclear waste. A ways into the talk, Sundaram showed some pictures of crystals and I had some context. This isn't the one he showed but it has some of the same feel. This is perovskite from http://galleryhip.com/crystal-structure-minerals.html.

It looked like a view down on a ranch house in Texas designed by Lake|Flato or the Talbot House on Nevis Island by Taft Architects. Here's the Talbot House and its plan from the Taft Architects website:


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