21 March 2015

road trip 2015: ARLIS/NA in Fort Worth

We are a couple days into the ARLIS/NA annual conference in Fort Worth. Hieronymus is resting at the Sam Museum of Chairs.
You can kind of see my last apartment in Fort Worth from Sam's back yard. I visited the Amon Carter for a while on Thursday morning after sorting my stuff for the conference. Sam wanted me to catalog a book for the library, for old time's sake. How could I refuse?

The Society Circle reception at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth was delightful. We had access to the galleries and the installation of the works is just breathtaking. It is such a privilege to have gallery access when there are not many people in the museum. And the building is so beautiful. I had been thinking that the 1950s building by Herbert Bayer was my favorite museum building in Fort Worth but I may have to reconsider. It's the art collection and exhibition program that made the old building so special. That spirit is still alive in the new building by Tadao Ando.

I have chaired the Cataloging Problems Discussion Group since the 1970s and some years it is especially satisfying. This was one of those years.

The programming is light this evening so I'll probably go to hear the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. As we walked to lunch, we passed the Circle Theatre where I saw several plays when I lived here in the early 1990s. Lots of body memory as I go around Fort Worth even though downtown and the area between downtown and the Cultural District have changed considerably.

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