04 March 2015

road trip 2015: Napoleon, Ohio

The morning started quietly but became rather a smash when the cabinet over the dryer at Sara Jane's fell off the wall. It was the liquor cabinet and the crème de menthe spread its green color and minty smell all over the dryer and floor (etc.) and scared poor Kiri into the closet. So ... later start than anticipated but I got off at about noon with a queer green cast to my hands.

I hit the blue highways after the expressways 271 and 480 from Sara Jane's. So that's U.S. 20 to U.S. 6 (Grand Army of the Republic Highway). It was getting on time for a stop and I had noticed that there was a Napoleon, Ohio, not too far off. Imagine my delight as I neared the center of town to see a courthouse tower across the river.
Not only a courthouse but my short leg-stretching walk before finding a latte also uncovered this charming little arts and crafts church.
Back on the highway, it was U.S. 6 into Indiana. I stayed on 6 but it didn't have many amenities like motels or hotels. Checking the map, I switched a bit South to U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) and found, alas, a Fairfield Inn in Valparaiso. Not exotic in the least but, for the moment, it's home. It doesn't smell like crème de menthe.

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