08 March 2015

road trip 2015: courthouse squares

I love towns with central squares with a courthouse. Here's the courthouse for Seward County, Nebraska, in Seward:
The shops around the square include the Cafe on the Square where I had the lunch special, a Hawaiian Burger. It was tasty and the waitress was friendly. And the coffee was good. There were also two shops that sold books: a gifts and books shop and a thrift shop with a visible wall of books and "books" was included on the window listing of available stuff. The theater was showing "Selma" as well as another film. Not bad.

And here's the Merrick County courthouse in Aurora, Nebraska:
The courthouse square is surrounded by shops that look like a viable mix of practical and frivolous (aka antique shops). And there was a gifts and books shop. That's better than Alfred.

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